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‘Venom’ Review

The movie stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, a journalist who’s made a name for himself by exposing the awful people of our society. When he’s given an assignment to cover the achievements of the nefarious Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) of the Life Foundation, Eddie refuses to hold back, slinging one allegation at Drake after the next. Eddie loses his job, home, and fiancée (Michelle Williams) over the matter but eventually he gets the chance to circle back around and dig a little deeper, revealing that the Life Foundation is indeed up to no good, experimenting with an alien creature dubbed a symbiote, and one – Venom – takes a liking to Eddie.

Unfortunately for us the general movie going audience, ‘Venom’ is what the trailer suggests to be which is nothing more than a turd in the wind. The film lacks any resonance of what Marvel has accomplished over the last 10 years with their cinematic universe. While their are some fun moments to be had, ‘Venom’ lacks the fun and well structured movie going experience as opposed to it’s comic book counterparts. Not even a good ensemble cast as the one presented in this film can hide the poor script and execution that this film presents.

‘Venom’ hits theaters October 5, 2018