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‘A Star Is Born’ Review

After much anticipation, Warner Bros. ‘A Star Is Born’ has officially hit theaters, and it’s a remake one should not miss. This is now the fourth remake of the classic tale of a man’s fall & the rise of a woman’s stardom. Lady Gaga plays Ally, a waitress who in her 30’s has given up on pursuing her dream to be a musician. That all changes when she meets Bradley Cooper’s character Jackson. Jackson inspires Ally to not give up and during their journey together, the film really takes a hold of the viewer. 

With great cameos and solid performances, every character has their own moment to shine as well. Dave Chappelle plays George, an old friend of Jackson who reminds him what life is truly about and to not waste time. Other strong supporting roles go to Sam Elliott’s character Bobby who is the older brother of Jackson. We learn so much about the brother dynamic and how their story affects the overall film in its climatic moments. 

‘A Star Is Born’ was gut punching, heartfelt, and a true musical force! It’s been several years since a romantic film has been such heavy topic prior to its release. The last film to achieve this type of pre-release success was ‘Titanic’ and we all know how that turned out. The entire cast shines and the music was memorable enough long after you leave the theater. This film will undoubtedly receive nominations for Best Picture and Best Original Song at the ‘Oscars’. 

‘A Star Is Born’ is now in theaters. Watch the trailer below.